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Erica has transitioned from being a victim various forms of trauma into an astute entrepreneur and owner of three successful businesses which includes Overcoming Abuse Through Healing Inc. (OATH). OATH Is a non-profit that she launched to assist victims of trauma. She is an accomplished author who uses her book Voice of A Victim: Overcoming The Generational Curse of Sexual Assault and Incest to encourage those that have experienced sexual assault and domestic violence across the globe.  It brings her great delight to see people succeed in relationships, career goals, financial success, and spiritual growth. Having had her share of the despair of toxic relationships, she has become more insightful, resourceful, and passionate about herself. Erica now uses her experience to encourage self-love and relationship problems for people. With her Podcast, Relationship Talks with Erica Janelle, she gives relationship advice and often includes guests from all walks of life to encourage and bring back society to a place of healing and believing in love and marriage again. 

On her journey, she desires to see people become more purposeful in their endeavors, while building healthier and positive relationships. She has also made it a part of her mission to find others who are having similar challenges. Erica has spent five years mentoring young teens and working as a prayer counselor. Presently, she is making incredible efforts to better the lives of people, through mentoring and coaching. Erica specializes in helping individuals going through a divorce and those who desire a fresh start, Career Coaching, Confidence Coaching and how to make your dreams a reality.  

A remarkable coach and mentor, Erica hopes to help people bring their goals and dreams to fruition. She finds it rewarding to use her experience from single parenting and juggling career responsibilities, to motivate individuals to have a more streamlined relationship with their career. Erica is using her knowledge to propel, inspire, and guide you on your journey of success. In addition to her coaching career, she brings over 16 years of experience in Human Resources field and holds an MBA and a Masters in Human resources where she currently works as an AVP of Human Resources for a non-profit. 

In addition to the remarkable coaching influence that she has made, Erica is an accomplished Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Model and Author.  She relentlessly uses all of her gifts and talents to make a mark and leave a legacy for her family.  Her first EP will be released worldwide Summer 2023. 


" We have the power to create our healing and success" 

Erica Janelle


The mission of Erica Janelle Coaching and Empowerment services is to assist others in healing from past failures and disappointment as they embrace the path to self love and healing. Additionally, Erica Janelle coaching offers practical tools and resources to help people live out their dreams in business and career.   

Our Mission

Our Vision

Erica Janelle Coaching provides empowerment services  to individuals who desire to heal from trauma, and limitations that have  stifled their progress personally and professionally. We provide practical tools and resources to help individuals discover their  path and journey to self love, success, purpose and healing. 

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