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Book Release Promotion

I am so thankful for everyone that has supported my journey! I am so excited to announce my book release! The QR code is available for you to purchase on Amazon and please remember it's also available globally in hardback format. "This book is a walkthrough of my journey with sexual abuse and incest within my family. Through my life story, readers will gain an understanding of why I felt the need to expose these secrets and shame that held my family in bondage for many years, and how that exposure ultimately led to our healing and recovery. It is my sincere hope that everyone that reads this book will learn the power of speaking your truth in order to start the journey to healing. For those that are not victims or relatives of sexual assault victims, my prayer is that you use the tools and resources to help educate and prayerfully prevent this type of trauma from happening in the future.

" Voice of a Victim: Overcoming the Generational Curse of Sexual Abuse and Incest



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